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Mixing | Mastering | Recording | Editing

 Welcome to my studio!



We are proud to be a purum certified studio! We exclusively use VOVOX cables for all our signal paths.


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Mixing: mixing in the box, with hardware and 16 channel analog summing.

Mastering: stereo track mastering or stem mastering, in the box or using external hardware.

Mastering for iTunes: mastering of your tracks according to the iTunes guidelines.

Recording: recording in my studio, separate vocal booth.




Tenforty - The Way (2019) NEW!

recording | editing | mixing | mastering

Yuko & Joey - two sounds (2019 NEW!

mixing | mastering

Erich Fischer - Vibes of Steel feat. Dana Herz (2019 NEW!

mixing | mastering

Bernhard Bamert Quintet - tba. (2019) NEW!

mixing | mastering

Katharina Busch - Glück Steht und Fällt (2018)

mixing | mastering

Günter Wehinger - Debussy... (2019)

recording | editing | mixing | mastering

Petra Vogel - Snapshots (2018)

lead and backing vocal recording | mixing

David Tixier Piano Solo feat. Sachal Vasandani - The Giant Corners (2017)

mixing | mastering

Picason - Demo Songs (2017)

recording | editing | mixing | mastering

Carlos Mena Disfonik Orchestra - Under the Shadow (2016)

mixing | mastering

Equipment list:

DAW: Protools 2019.6.0 | Wavelab Pro 9.5 | 
Logic Pro X | Studio One 4

Hardware: Rupert Neve Designs MBP | Dangerous Music BAX EQ | Dangerous Music Liaison | Empirical Labs Fatso EL7x | Great River EQ-2NV | Bricasti M7 V2 | Dangerous Music D-BOX | Roger Foote Mastering Compressor P3S ME
 | SPL Passeq Mastering Equalizer | Tube-Tech SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor

Analog Summing: Dangerous Music 2-BUS+

Monitors: PSI Audio A23-M NEW!

500 Series: 2x Harrison 32EQ | 2x Rupert Neve Designs 551 | 2x Great River PWM 501 | 2x Neve 88R LB | 2x Rupert Neve Designs 535

Cables: Vovox (all cables)

D to A Converter: 
Dangerous Music Convert-2 D to A | Dangerous Music Convert 8 (2x) D to A

A to D Converter: Dangerous Music AD+ A to D

Interface: Universal Audio Apollo 16

Control surface: Avid Artist Mix | Softube Console 1 Mark II

Plugins: Universal Audio | Sonnox | Fabfilter | Flux | MAAT and many more...

Microphones: Sennheiser MD-441 | AEA R88 ribbon stereo microphone

Acoustics: Applied Acoustics

Computer: Mac Mini 2018 | Macbook Pro

Studio desk: Zaor Maestro 24

...and every studio needs a good coffee machine - coffee machine by  Zuriga